Reward your customers with cashback and motivate them to shop more

An innovative app to engage customers and generate more sales

We know what your customers will love: save while shopping!

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An additional source of traffic and sales
for your business

Increase shopping frequency by 34%
Offer food and drink promotions motivating your customers for more visits or orders in return for a cashback reward
Return disloyal customers
The added value of cashback will motivate your inactive customers to come back and order x2 more often
Reduce customer acquisition costs
Once placed in the app, your offer will be visible to our extensive base of users bringing you new clients at no extra cost
Increase average order value by 13%
Launch promo incentives stimulating your customers to spend a certain amount in return for a cashback reward
Leverage purchase habits of customers
Offer targeted promotions and motivate clients purchase their preferred items, or return inactive clients with the help of their favorite products
Promote and drive sales for unpopular products
Fulfill the established sales plan for a specific product or category by rewarding customers with increased cashback
Grow customer loyalty by 23%
Let your buyers form a positive emotional connection with your brand, and stimulate them to return for more purchases
Increase brand visibility and awareness
Reach new customers through targeted campaigns, compelling promo offers and brand-building initiatives
Reach to data-driven insights
Gain actionable analytics to understand consumer behavior and optimize marketing efforts

Some market stats you can’t miss

x2,5 faster
brands grew their revenue after launching cashback
46% of people
x3-6 more
consider cashback a vital step in their purchase decisions
orders per month a customer makes when rewarded with cashback

Select promotional
and placement mechanics

to meet your business goals

Cashback for receipts
Mechanics: customers make a purchase, snap their receipts and get credited a fixed amount of cashback per each receipt
Example: AED 2 for any receipt from Sander's Coffee
Available: physical point of sale
Cashback for specific products
Mechanics: customers purchase a certain item, snap their receipts and get credited with cashback
Example: AED 2 cashback for Iced Capuccino from Sander's Coffee
Available: physical point of sale
Push notifications
Increase conversions through instant user notifications about your promo offer and any time-sensitive deals
Enhance effectiveness of your marketing efforts through personalized and targeted push messages
Banner on the main screen
Grab attention of thousands of real consumers before they dive into shopping
Create a highly-effective and non-disruptive user experience where your banner feels like native in-app content
Offers on the top
Maximize visibility and increase the likelihood of engagement
Create immediate impact, as users are more likely to notice and interact with the offer right away
3 steps to start your cashback adventure
Submit your request
Fill out an application form and tell us about your business goals
Explore the service
Participate in the personalized demo with our customer support manager
Launch and grow!
Review our partnership proposal and find your offers integrated in the app
Grow your sales wisely
with the Cost-Per-Acquisition model
Leverage cost-free integration
and enjoy zero upfront expenses or hidden costs
Pay only for confirmed sales
generated through our cashback app
Track your marketing spending
and stay in control of the results

Benefit from our tech and expertise

Seamlessly reach
to Gen Z
Our main channel of app distribution is through social networks, where the young audience resides
Launch in under a minute
Start your promo campaign quickly and flexibly without any complex technical integration
Our machine learning system recognizes any types of receipts and accurately credits cashback to the user
Grasp customers
with smart technology

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