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What you receive from our partnership:
Boosted Sales Volume
Drive higher transaction frequency and order value
Average bill value increase
Drive higher spending with incentives, upselling, and strategic promotions for greater revenue growth
Increased Customer Loyalty
Encourage repeat & more frequent visits and purchases, encourage interaction and participation
Offline Purchase Incentives
Reward customers for uploading physical receipts
Increase in average ticket size
Encourage customers to spend more per visit through upselling and strategic promotions, boosting overall revenue
Get insight about your audience on a regular basis
Obtain valuable data on the set of customers that do not shop with you to reach them!
Increased Visibility
Boost brand awareness through strategic advertising and promotions
Better Engagement
Offer personalized promotions to connect with customers on a deeper level
What you receive from our partnership:
Sales Growth
Increase revenue by attracting new consumers and driving repeat purchases
Market Expansion & Brand Awareness
Reach new customers through targeted campaigns, compelling advertising and brand-building initiatives
Consumer Engagement: Drive interaction
Drive interaction with customers through interactive campaigns and personalized content
Data-driven Insights
Gain actionable analytics to understand consumer behavior and optimize marketing efforts
What you receive from our partnership:

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2+ mln impressions
Paid search and display ads
*The number of participants is limited
3+ mln impressions
Influencer marketing
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